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A top-10 construction list no employer wants to be linked with

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Construction Accidents

Southern California spells notably busy terrain when it comes to construction activity.

Candidly, industry-linked projects never stop. The region is one of the most dynamic areas of the world for vast, varied and ever-ongoing building endeavors. Apartment complexes, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, sports venues, infrastructure developments and more – compiling an accurate list of active construction sites across Southern California would be an immense undertaking.

All that work brings opportunity and steady income for legions of industry participants.

It also brings risk.

Pronounced risk, in fact. We duly note on our website at the established and results-driven personal injury law firm of Randolph and Associates that, “Construction sites are one of the most dangerous types of work sites.”

Federal safety regulators annually point that out. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration pays especially close scrutiny to construction realm hazards and worker injuries. OSHA spotlights key high-alarm areas of focus each year in a “Top 10” list of construction sphere concerns.

Experienced industry workers know what those are, as do the proven and aggressive legal teams that advocate for them in the wake of workplace accidents.

Here are a few of the recurrent risk catalysts that appear in OSHA’s list from last year:

  • Companies’ inadequate safeguarding for employees working at heights (e.g., lack of guardrails, safety nets and fall-arrest systems)
  • Laxity surrounding adequate warnings and communication regarding hazardous/toxic materials
  • Lack of safety training and systems in place to provide sufficient respiratory protection
  • Insufficient worker protections in area where vehicles like industrial trucks and forklifts are operating

There are of course many additional risks that pose a constant on-the-job concern and spawn an unfortunately high number of construction injuries in Southern California and nationally each year. Questions or concerns can be posed to an experienced pro-workers’ personal injury law firm.