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Multiple people killed, injured in Kings County collision

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Few people in California likely worry about experiencing a car accident every time they get behind the wheels of their vehicles. Yet continued reports of car accidents imply that there is an inherent risk with driving. Most assume this risk (and in truth, likely give it very little thought) due to the assumption that they can trust the others they encounter on the road to drive as responsibly as they do. 

More often than not, that expectation proves true. Even in those cases where a car accident case shows apparent negligence on the part of one of the party’s involved, there is no intention to cause harm. Yet harm is often the result of car accidents, and all too often, it is catastrophic. 

Fatal crash occurs near Kettleman City

One need only look at the results of a multi-car collision that recently occurred in Kings County to confirm this fact. The local ABC affiliate reports that the driver of a Honda Accord traveling along Highway 41 suddenly crossed over into oncoming traffic, where it collided with a Toyota Sienna minivan. Authorities do not yet know what may have caused the driver of the Accord to lose control as they did. All three occupants of the vehicle died in the collision. Five of those traveling in Sienna sustained injuries. 

Compensation for accident expenses

Many may think that legal action in cases such as this is pointless (after all, the party responsible died). Yet this does not change the fact that accident victims may need compensation to meet their expenses. Such compensation may come from the estates of those who caused their collisions. Earning compensation from an estate, however, can present a challenge, which is why those hoping to do so may do well to seek out a source of reliable legal assistance.