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What are the risks of a dog bite?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2020 | Firm News

As a parent in California, you have likely noticed that many of your neighbors have dogs at home. Sometimes, a fence is not enough to keep an aggressive dog contained in their yard. This can result in serious and unexpected bite attacks. 

If your child suffers from a bite, you should seek immediate medical attention. It also helps to know what dangers they may face. After all, you should treat even “mild”-looking bites with the utmost caution. 

Bacteria in a dog’s mouth

Healthline looks at complications associated with dog bite injuries. Some of the biggest risks you face are invisible to the naked eye. This is because a dog’s mouth is full of bacteria that can wreak havoc in the human body. Some examples include pasteurella, staphylococcus and capnocytophaga. 

Tetanus and even rabies are also a risk. Tetanus results from a bacterial disease and it can lead to nerve damage, paralysis and other severe complications. Rabies is a viral condition that attacks the central nervous system. It could result in death within three days or less if left untreated. 

Complications from infections

Infections can also result in compounding health problems, too. For example, a bacterial infection could lead to sepsis, which is a potentially fatal condition. The risk of contracting serious infection is higher if your child has immune deficiencies. 

The best way to ensure healthy recovery from a bite attack is to seek professional medical attention. This has the potential to cost you a lot of money, though. This is why many people in your position choose to seek compensation for damages.