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Reviewing the consequences of traffic accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether you drive to work every day or occasionally ride in a vehicle operated by someone else, it is important to understand the risks you face as well as the potential impact of an accident. Every day, many lives are turned on end due to motor vehicle collisions, which occur for a host of reasons. Sadly, these accidents often have a long-term impact on victims and their loved ones. 

From drunk drivers to those who use their phones on the road or go over the speed limit, negligent driving takes many forms and drivers who endanger lives by behaving irresponsibly must answer for the consequences of their behavior. 

Looking at statistics on traffic crashes

On their site, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published statistics on motor vehicle crash injuries and deaths. According to the CDC, over 2.3 million people in the U.S. require emergency care for injuries sustained in auto accidents each year. Moreover, more than 35,000 people lose their lives in these wrecks every year. In fact, traffic accidents are the most prevalent cause of death for Americans during the first thirty years of their lives. 

Looking at other consequences of crashes

Aside from death and serious injury, many other consequences arise in the wake of these wrecks. For example, the CDC states that traffic accident fatalities cost $44 billion in lost work and medical costs every year. If you are injured in a wreck, you could lose the ability to work or struggle to pay medical bills and other financial responsibilities. Moreover, these accidents are emotionally devastating as well.