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Negligence and fatal construction accidents

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Wrongful Death

If your family member recently died in a construction accident, you need to stay strong and carefully review the details surrounding their death. Even though this is an incredibly emotional and painful time for many families, the loved ones of those who die while working deserve justice and resources that help them move forward, especially if the accident occurred due to another person’s recklessness or a company’s negligence.

It is important to recognize that you are not alone and look into potential resources that could help your family in the months and years ahead.

How many construction workers die on the job?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reports that in the private sector, roughly 20% of worker deaths in 2019 were in the construction industry. During 2019, more than 1,000 construction workers lost their lives while working.

OSHA draws attention to a number of hazards that account for many of these fatal accidents, such as falls, hazardous energy and dangerous machinery. Sometimes, construction workers die due to inadequate training or the carelessness of another individual and it is especially devastating for their families to know that the deadly accident was preventable.

What should you do after a fatal construction accident?

If your loved one died while working in the construction industry, you likely have overwhelming emotional pain and other challenges (such as financial hurdles due to funeral costs and losing a source of income). Examine the accident closely, gather evidence and take steps to hold anyone responsible for their death accountable. Stay strong and do not become hopeless or feel guilty for seeking justice for your loved one.