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What are some conditions that lead to indoor falls?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Premises Liability

Slipping and falling in a building or store may seem avoidable at first, but these injuries often occur when you least expect them.

Conditions such as uncleared pathways and dangerous lighting often lead to falls.

Poor lighting

According to FindLaw, good lighting in a building or parking lot can drastically improve your chances of avoiding an injury. Tripping over steps or curbs, as well as spills on the floor, can give someone spine or back trauma. Proper lighting helps you to see what is in front of you at all times, especially in tight places or on stairways.

Uneven surfaces

A lopsided floor or worn pieces of carpet can lead to severe falls. Buildings with poorly maintained stairs and no guard railings can also cause people to trip easily.

Property owners or store owners must be careful about possible tripping hazards, as well as the surface of their floors. Accidentally leaving a slippery wax or polish on the ground can cause someone to sustain injuries.

Wet floors

Puddles of water or other liquids can leave a building’s hallways too dangerous for anyone to walk on. Property owners must clear all spills from these places, since these hazards can greatly increase the risk of a fall. Negligent behavior occurs when a property owner fails to properly clean them even when given adequate warnings or reminders.

If any area does have a dirty spot that is not yet cleaned, it must have a sign or other warning near it to warn people about the mess. Slip and fall accidents arise from many situations and conditions, including bad weather and poorly maintained walkways.