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Top 4 causes of car crash injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

If you have sustained an injury in an automobile accident, you are not alone. The fact is, motor vehicle crashes are a leading reason for hospital visits not only in the United States but around the entire world. Every year, traffic collisions lead to the deaths of over a million people. 

Not only that, but there is also a high number of non-fatal traffic-related injuries, with 20-50 million annual victims. Given these numbers, you might wonder what causes these accidents to begin with.  

1. Excessive speeds

Whenever you accelerate your vehicle, the risk of a serious crash significantly increases. When it comes to car-to-car impact, for example, the risk of death is as high as 85% at just 40 miles per hour.  

2. Intoxication

If you plan on drinking alcohol or using drugs, it is always best to leave your keys with someone else. Just as increasing speeds raises the chances of a collision, so does an increase in your blood alcohol level. Likewise, using drugs like amphetamines can make you up to five times more likely to crash.  

3. Failure to use helmets or restraints

There is no doubt about it: Helmets and seatbelts can mean the difference between life and death. With correct helmet use increasing safety by 42-60% and seatbelts reducing risks by 45-50%, it is difficult to argue with the numbers.  

4. Distractions

It is also worth remembering to put away the phone, food or makeup. Every year, distractions like these lead to the lifelong injuries and deaths of millions of people.  

When you are on the road, there are many things that can go wrong. Understanding potential risks can help you stay safer in the future.