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What are some signs of a spinal cord injury?

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

After a car or truck accident, you may notice some odd feelings in your spine and back. Could this be a spinal cord injury?

Spinal cord trauma occurs when someone experiences whiplash, usually from a sudden jolt when coming to a stop while in a moving vehicle.

Restricted movement

According to the Mayo Clinic, many people experience struggles with mobility after an accident. Pain in your back or neck can make you hesitate to bend down or pick up heavy items, as well as walk long distances.

You may even avoid twisting or turning your neck because it leads to pain, which may prevent you from working out or staying fit. These problems can affect every area of your life, from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.

Loss of skin sensation

Your ability to tell hot from cold may suffer once spinal trauma occurs. Not only can this put you at risk for more injuries from burns, but it can also lead to pressure sores. These circulatory problems prevent you from noticing when your skin feels irritated or hurt.

Trouble breathing

Your chest and abdominal muscles could suffer from bruising and severe injuries after a crash. If you cannot draw in a full breath or you notice odd mucus coming out of your mouth or nose, it could be a sign of spinal trauma.

This also leads to an increased risk of pneumonia if left untreated. Noticing the effects of a spinal cord injury can be tough when they do not happen suddenly. Some symptoms may only appear a few days or weeks after the initial accident.