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4 Ridesharing safety tips

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Ridesharing via popular companies like Uber and Lyft can be a budget-friendly and convenient way to travel around your own city or when you are on vacation. With that said, doing so does not come without some risks.

While many people rideshare safely every day, dangerous situations can arise. Familiarizing yourself with these ridesharing tips can help you stay safe.

1. Limit what you share

There is nothing wrong with making friendly conversation, but you should always limit the amount of personal information you share with your driver. You never know what someone might do with the details you provide, so it is better to keep things like identification or hotel locations to yourself.

2. Read your driver’s rating

While anyone can get into a car accident, one way to limit your risk of a rideshare collision is by reviewing your driver’s rating before selecting him or her. If previous riders have complained of reckless driving, it should be a red flag.

3. Look around you

Whether you are walking on foot or riding in a vehicle, it is a smart idea to become familiar with your surroundings. If something goes wrong, being aware of your location can help you avoid danger and find help.

4. Check the driver and vehicle before getting in

In the past, there have been cases where people go missing or face injury after getting into a vehicle with someone who falsely claimed to be the rideshare they were waiting for. To prevent this from happening, double-check the vehicle’s make as well as the name of the driver before opening the door.

Ridesharing has many benefits, but there are also risks to be aware of. Knowing how to stay safe can help you enjoy this modern form of transportation.