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What steps should you take after a rideshare accident?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

The user base of ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft is ever-increasing. People are using the on-demand car services to get to or make it back from a night of drinking, to rescue them when a disabled vehicle leaves them stranded or simply to run errands when they don’t have access to their own car.

Rideshare companies perform background checks on their drivers to ensure that they don’t have drunk or reckless driving violations, speeding tickets or more than three other incidents on their records during the past few years. While someone’s past driving history can potentially shed light on how safe a driver is to ride with, the motorists around you may pose a significant risk. What should you do if you are injured while riding in an Uber or Lyft?

Proving liability in rideshare accidents

Like most motorists, your rideshare driver will likely have personal auto insurance. Your Uber or Lyft driver may also have rideshare insurance. The two rideshare companies also have a corporate insurance plan in place. You may be able to file a third-party claim with one or all three insurers, depending on liability, policy limits and the extent of your injuries.

It can be shocking and scary any time a driver is involved in a crash. However, fleeing from the scene of any crash that involves property damage or injuries is unlawful. It’s particularly critical to your injury case that you try to convince your rideshare driver to stick around until police come.

Reporting the accident that left you injured is key to recovering compensation. The report contains important information, such as the names and insurance companies of the motorists involved and details about how the accident occurred. The latter piece of information can aid insurers in determining liability.

Liability is a burden that is sometimes difficult for individuals injured in automobile accidents to prove. You’ll want to learn more about how the added complications that arise in proving liability in a rideshare accident case before deciding how to proceed.