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Tips for avoiding construction accidents

On Behalf of | May 9, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Construction sites contain many hazards to workers and bystanders. These projects are not finished and do not have the structures in place required by code to maintain safety.

You can implement the following measures to avoid construction accidents.

Have safety briefings

Before starting work for the day, you should hold a safety briefing for the workers on site. You can report known hazards and provider reminders of what to watch for. You can use this meeting to help plan collaboration between teams to avoid injuries due to lack of communication.

Use proper safety gear

You should require all workers to use the appropriate safety equipment for the job site. You can supply any items at the entrance to the site, so they are easily accessible.

Post adequate signage

It would help if you marked all potentially hazardous conditions with adequate signage. Make sure all signs are clear and give enough notice to workers of what to expect. Falls are the top cause of fatalities in the construction industry. Pay special attention to areas that are fall risks and confirm your signs provide appropriate warnings for holes, trenches or raised scaffolds.

Have designated breaks

Construction workers often start early in the morning and work hard all day long. As fatigue sets in, you have a greater risk of having an accident. You want to schedule breaks for workers throughout the day to avoid fatigue from endless work hours.

You can help keep your job site safe by taking a few safety measures and allowing the workers to follow all safety protocols.