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Common reasons construction workers suffer falls

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Construction sites present particular danger. Human error is often the root of injury when heavy equipment is constantly in motion.

The construction industry has the most fall-related incidents of all workplace settings. Several reasons explain why these accidents are so common.

Ignoring ledges and open holes

When buildings are incomplete, it is typical for walls to be missing. Slipping off an edge could prove fatal. Guardrails need to be in place. Another method of mitigating the fallout of a plunge is hanging safety nets. Unfinished floors might have openings. Individuals in charge of safety must blanket these zones with signs urging caution.

Using ladders

Construction workers often have to climb far above the ground. Ladder rungs may be wet from rainwater or slippery from spilled substances. While bolted ladders offer the most security, they are not practical in all scenarios. Portable ladders are far more precarious in comparison. Improper usage could cause a sudden retraction. Training is necessary to mitigate the risk.

Toiling on scaffolds

Workers face great danger when they are on scaffolding, as planks may come loose or give way. There is even the specter of a collapse. This possibility grows when project managers ignore how much weight scaffolds can sustain. Falling items are another hazard. Being struck by a toolbox or jumping to avoid one could cause a tumble over the side railing.

The heights at which construction workers operate make their jobs especially treacherous. Everyone involved in building projects should play a role in minimizing harm.