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Beware, unprotected trenches can prove fatal -- do not enter

Trenches pose severe hazards on construction sites in California. Although employers must provide safe work environments that are free of known injury risks, many construction company owners disregard prescribed safety regulations. If you work in this industry, it is crucial that you understand that you have the right to refuse to enter an unprotected trench.

The least dangerous routes and times for your California commute

If you're hoping to decrease your likelihood of having a serious accident or even a fender bender, you may find one of the apparent solutions somewhat counter-intuitive. Most drivers likely assume that crowded, heavy-traffic areas during rush hour are the worst places to be. In fact, though, data from a recent study indicates that the opposite may actually be true, at least on the interstates and roads in the Bay Area, and it likely holds true throughout the entire state of California and beyond.

Injured in an auto collision? You can seek compensation

You make your usual commute to work and mull over your exciting weekend plans on what appears to be an ordinary Friday afternoon. However, seemingly out of nowhere, another motorist runs into your car, and you feel pain as a result of the impact of the crash. Your weekend plans have taken a sudden twist, as you now anticipate staying at home to recover from your injuries.

4 common distractions to avoid while driving

Because driving becomes an activity that many California residents become used to, it is not unusual for drivers to forget about the serious dangers they could face and that they could pose to others while behind the wheel. This issue could easily result in drivers not having their complete focus on the task of driving. Unfortunately, distractions play a considerable role in car accidents that take place every year.

Coping with big rig hazards -- How to safely share the roadways

Trucks deliver almost all the merchandise and food you see in your local stores. Therefore, sharing the busy California roadways with commercial vehicles is unavoidable.  Working with them rather than against them might improve your chances of a safe arrival at your destination.

That bump on your head might not be so insignificant after all

You never know when an uneventful day is going to wind up leading to circumstances that change your life forever. For instance, you may be a very cautious and alert driver; however, if you're on your way to work and another motorist runs a red light, instead of arriving safely at your office 10 minutes later, you might wake up in a hospital bed, wondering where you are and how you got there. Of course, car accidents aren't the only incidents that can cause you to need hospitalization.

The challenges faced by a victim of traumatic brain injury

Anybody can suffer a traumatic brain injury at any time, and the impact it can have on the life of the each victim is different. However, regardless of the effects you suffer from your TBI, you will most likely face many challenges, and if the negligence of another person is to blame, you may seek recovery of damages. The problem comes in determining a monetary value to claim for noneconomic losses.

Signs that a driver near you might be drunk

You've probably seen an intoxicated motorist on a California highway more than once in your life. In fact, you may even have been involved in a collision because of someone's poor choice to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Such accidents happen throughout the nation every day and many people suffer because of others' negligence. Some have been able to avoid drunk driving crashes because they knew ahead of time what to look for to recognize a potential problem on the road.

Exercising your right to pursue compensation when hit by a car

Walking, jogging or running is the preferred means of exercise for many individuals. For some, this may even be a favorite mode of travel, especially with warmer weather rolling in. Perhaps you choose to walk to and from many of your destinations, whether for exercise or simply to avoid traffic. Although walking may offer numerous benefits, you might also find it beneficial to be aware of the potential risks.


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