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Navy Veteran Espionage Case

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Drawing on his experiences as a West Point graduate (United States Military Academy, Class of 1969) and retired Army Captain, Mr. Randolph is among a handful of attorneys uniquely qualified to defend cases that have overlapping civil, criminal and military law components. For example, his Top Secret clearance and knowledge of military protocol were invaluable in representing a 40-year Navy veteran from the Lockheed “skunk works” who worked on stealth submarine technology. After retirement, the veteran was indicted on espionage charges and faced life in prison. However, based on archived Navy documents unearthed by Mr. Randolph, the case was resolved with house arrest and probation. Among other things, Mr. Randolph produced evidence that the “stealth” technology allegedly compromised by the defendant was improperly categorized as top secret, since it could be duplicated from information available on the internet and featured in “Popular Science” magazine.