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$1 Million – John Doe v. Doe Trucking Co. – Auto v. 18-Wheeler & Traumatic Brain Injury

Our client, a graphics artist and animation designer, was driving his sedan on Interstate 5 on his way to a business meeting, when traffic slowed to a near stop.  The defendant’s 18-wheel truck, traveling at 55 mph, collided into the rear of Mr. Doe’s car, smashing the sedan like an aluminum soda can.  The severe force of the impact caused his head to violently whiplash onto his steering wheel and side window.

The defense vehemently disputed the severity of his injuries.  Working closely with our stellar team of experts, Randolph and Associates, prevailed in demonstrating the harm Mr. Doe suffered as a result of the defendants’ negligence.

Our client’s prior counsel voluntarily published his compliments of how we handled the case:

“In July 2011, I signed up a new client.  The auto collision was very high impact with dramatic PD [property damage], but the client’s physical injuries appeared to be nothing other than a lot of soft tissue.  There was no way to show a loss of earnings; he had absolutely no earnings history.  After several months of extremely difficult dealings with the client, I suggested he consult with different attorneys to see if there was a better fit for him.

The client ended up retaining Don Randolph, a CAALA [Consumer Advocates Association of Los Angeles] member, to take the case over.  Don took on the case with vigor, working up the TBI [traumatic brain injury] claim.  Don relentlessly pursued this theory until the case settled last month in mediation with Bob Tessier for ONE MILLION DOLLARS!!!  What a great result.  Talk about making lemonade out of lemons.”